Arabian Knight 1

Arabian Knight 1: Chop your way through your enemies! Cut your way through baddies as the Arabian Knight!

Arabic Cuisine 1.0: The best Middle Eastern & Arabian recipes in one easy to follow cook book.
Arabic Cuisine 1.0

Arabian recipes that are stable foods eaten by Middle Eastern and Arabian people almost every day. The recipes are hand picked from many neighboring Arabic countries. Each country`s favorite food has been collected and added in one book. Recipes are easy to follow with precise ingredients amounts and step by step instructions. The ebook is divided into 7 sections: - Soups - Snacks & Starters - Main Meals - Vegetarian Dishes - Salads - Sweets & Deserts

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Dune and Desert 1.0: Join a camel caravan across the desert dunes. 28 beautiful desert scenes.
Dune and Desert 1.0

Come on a camel caravan across the desert dunes. The tranquil beauty of these desert scenes will calm your mind. Each dune is unique and beautifully sculpted by the desert winds. These 28 images will take you into the vast Arabian desert where you will see towering dunes, magnificent sunsets, and scampering lizards and dung beetles.

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Arabian Horse Screensavers 1.2: Free horse screensavers for download. Hundreds of top breds to pick from!
Arabian Horse Screensavers 1.2

Free horse screensavers for download. Other themes available as well, fell free to check us out and get all the free screensavers you want. Change your screensaver with us whenever you want! Horse Screensavers, Wild life screensavers, nature screensavers, waterfall screensavers, animal screensavers, phone screensavers. Fun, enjoyable screensavers available for download now.

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AutoInsult 3.5: Generate insults in a variety of styles then send them to others.
AutoInsult 3.5

AutoInsult is a fun little program that generates insults for you in a variety of styles. It then copies them into the clipboard (as text) so that you can paste them into emails, documents, or wherever else a good insult might be needed. You can also get it to pop-up an insult at regular intervals. Whilst AutoInsult is certainly not Politically Correct, it is not obscene or vulgar. The user can also specify the degree of offensiveness.

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